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Unable to set breakpoints - unable to debug.

  • Using QT-Creator 2.4.1, based on 4.7.4 (32)
    running 64 Bit Windows 7 Pro

    More and more, this problem grows more common. I set breakpoints, they come up with an hourglass on them, and the debugger won't stop there. I have to quit Qt-Creator, put them again. But upon the first stop at a breakpoint, that's it - no more breakpoints will be allowed to set for the duration of the Qt-Creator instance's life.

    This is becoming unbearable. Is there any solution for this?

  • You can try a "hard reset" by uninstalling the SDK, sensibly deleting % APPDATA %/Nokia, HKCU/Software/Nokia, HKCU/Software/Trolltech, HKLM/Software/Nokia, HKLM/Software/Trolltech and reinstalling the SDK and Qt Creator.

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