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Is it possible to compile Qt-creator 2.5 with Qt5 with Designer enabled?

  • Hi - I compiled qt-creator 2.5 with qt 4.8, everything works well.
    But if I try to do this with Qt5, I get known error

    @Project WARNING:
    Project WARNING: QmlDesigner plugin has been disabled.
    Project WARNING: The plugin depends on private headers from QtDeclarative module.
    Project WARNING: To enable it, pass 'QT_PRIVATE_HEADERS=$QTDIR/include' to qmake, where $QTDIR is the source directory of qt.@

    So, I cannot get working Designer in qt-creator.

    My build string is:

    @qmake /home/pavko/Repo/qt-creator/ -r -spec linux-g++ CONFIG+=release "QT_PRIVATE_HEADERS=/home/pavko/Repo/qt5/qtbase/include"@

    Should it work or it is too early to try build qt-creator 2.5 with Qt5?

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