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Newbie confused with terminologies and need a hand

  • Hi,
    I have had a little experience with ANSI C and Pascal a long time ago and I did fine. However now I need a little application and I thought I could do it myself while learning a new language. I am finding that there is a huge leap from what I know to what Qt is and I thought someone could lead the way cos I've been searching and all I find is uncomprehensive source which I paste and works but don't know a thing of what it's doing or why.
    First of all what is a header file for?
    What is a class?
    I need to open and edit a .csv file.
    I need the building blocks to start understanding HOW to create a program from scratch while knowing what i'm doing. I'm not pasting what I have now cos I don't know why it's done like that.

  • welcome to devnet

    You should have at least a look to a tutorial on C++ first. Some sound understanding of object oriented programming is recommended before you start to dig into Qt. A possible entry for C++ could be "this": but google may help you to find more.

  • I recommend a book, at least that is how i understood C++ - tutorials are good when you want to remember the operator precedence or tricks with stl's functors or other specific issues, but to understand C++ and then Qt framework i think a book is better.

    You can search for Thinking in C++ there are two volumes written by Bruce Eckel - they are recommended by many programmers and are free to download.

    And then for Qt you can choose from "here": - the first edition of C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 is free for download, if i remember correctly.

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