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QT desktop application builds on my co-worker's computer, won't build on my computer

  • I inheritied a complicated desktop Qt application, and I installed the latest SDK 2.4.1 with Qt 4.7.4 on my laptop computer. I have the identical code base as my boss, and he also installed SDK 2.4.1 with Qt 4.7.4 on his laptop. We both have Windows XP. I can build and execute the demo programs, or programs I create just fine.

    The inherited program builds just fine on his computer, but on my computer all I get in the Compiler output window is:

    Error while building project Princeton (target: Desktop)
    When executing build step 'qmake'

    How can I possibly figure out what's going wrong when that is all the information I can get?

  • neveralull,

    Check This "thread":

    Appears the same problem.

  • Did you copy the complete file structure with the source code from one machine to the other?
    This might be the problem. There also some user/setup-dependent files which will probably create the problem.
    You should copy only the source code (cpp/h) files, the ui files and the .pro and the eventual includes there to the other machine. Load the .pro file with the qt creator. All auto generated files and everything created during the compilation process shall be freshly generated.
    I assume that this will clear your problem.

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