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[SOLVED]NetworkInfo and Symbian components. season 2

  • Responding to a post with the same topic I've tried to play with NetworkInfo qml element.
    I typedsome simple lines of code as in example:
    @ NetworkInfo{
    id: myNetwork
    //mode: NetworkInfo.WlanMode
    monitorNameChanges: true;
    monitorSignalStrengthChanges: true
    monitorStatusChanges: true
    monitorModeChanges: true
    @ SysListItem{
    id: sli5
    x: 110
    y: 170
    txt: "MAC adres: "+myNetwork.macAddress.toString()

    I got a proper result on N-8 simulator.
    But after compiling to device as a target, I got field txt in my item empty.
    Question is WHY?

  • mode have to be set

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