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How can display application when press on its icon like in mobile ?

  • I made design using qt quick with java like menu in mobile phone and made project to display text edit using c++ , know i want know how i can run my text edit when press in its icon in menu using mouse area ?? or any way?

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    Your English is hard to understand, so I might have got it wrong, but what do you mean by "run my text edit"? Do you mean that an event triggered in MouseArea causes the C++ function to display some text? If so, there is plenty on it in Qt docs, for example: "Embedding C++ Objects into QML Components.":

  • I think he means that he wants to run his standard system text exitor application. QDesktopServices::openUrl seems to be what you are looking for. You do need to run it on, in your case, a .txt file.

  • I will give the example in order to understand me in a mobile there are many icons and one of them called messaging when you click on it opens the window I can book my message and send it (this is i want to do)

    now i worked program in order to send message using qt creator with c++ , and worked program to design mobile menu that contain icons using qt quick with java , i want to know how i link between the two programs so that when press messaging icon open message window.

  • an other question when worked program in my computer and transferred its file to an other computer
    this error appear (the build directory needs to be at the same level as source directory ) so i can't run program what is the solution for this worning

  • I solve the second problem by change the directory bath

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