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  • I want a piece of music to be played as my application begins and till its can i do that ??

  • i know how to do it in qml.....not in qt c++...

    here goes...

    use a Timer....where onTrigger of that state(in Qml) the music starts playing...and when closing the app...u dont have to stop the music there because when u kill the application...everything shuts down.

    1.) use an import called
    import QtMultimediaKit 1.1

    2.) then.....
    add the sound file to your project folder ie. in the qml folder(urproject/qml/sounds/)....
    then use that in your application...
    by using this code....


    3.) then use a timer to make that file work in your app...

    4.) then use another timer on clicked function(if u require) to call the file to play....
    @Timer {
    interval: 1000;
    running: false;
    onTriggered: {
    rect.state = "menu"; /* play the file after it comes to this state!! */
    soundtimer.running = true;

    dont forget to give ids to the timers u create or any object/item that you create....because it will be easier for you to use them else where in your code.

  • I disagree that using a Timer is a good solution to replaying a sound file. You may have a delay of up to a full second.

    Just use:
    @ Audio { source: "mymusic.mp3"; playing: true; onStopped: play(); }@

  • i tried both guyz...
    but it says "QtMultimediakit" not installed...
    how to fix this now

  • Firstly, ensure you have specified
    @import QtMultimediaKit 1.1@

    That is, capital Q, capital M, capital K.

    Second, for some platforms, in your .pro I believe you require:

  • yep...i treid that still says "QtMultimediaKit" not installed :(

  • You should install QtMobility manually. I tried a couple of times for QtMobility. It does not automatically get installed by SDK. Compile QtMobility and install into the Qt base directory.
    This will solve your problem.

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