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QPrinter & QPainter render() problem

  • I have a problem when calling Qwidget::render() on a specific printer connected via a network to a PC running XP. I am quite new to using the Qprinter class so I apologise if I am missing something obvious. I get a repeatable crash when rendering to the printer in question. The only diffreence I can see between the working printers and the crashing one is the printer resolution. I seem to get the problem no matter what I render. The crash always seesm to occur at the render() call.

    Here is attached example code:

    void MainWindow::menuPrintTest(){
    double xscale; double yscale; double scale;
    double printerWidth ; double printerHeight ;
    double widgetWidth; double widgetHeight ;
    QFont printFont("courier", 16);
    QTextEdit *qteTestPrintRequest = new QTextEdit("",w);
    qteTestPrintRequest ->setFont(printFont );
    qteTestPrintRequest ->setFixedHeight(1750);
    qteTestPrintRequest ->setFixedWidth(1050);
    widgetWidth = qteTestPrintRequest ->width();
    widgetHeight = qteTestPrintRequest ->height();

    QString qsConcat = "Test Printout For Checking XP Print Request Bug\n";
    for (int i=0; i<30; i++){ qsConcat+= "Test Printout for Checking XP Print Request Bug\n" ; }
    qteTestPrintRequest->append( qsConcat );
    QPrinter printer(QPrinter::HighResolution);
    QString docName =   "Test Plot";
    if ( !docName.isEmpty())  {
        docName.replace (QRegExp (QString::fromLatin1 ("\n")), tr (" -- "));
        printer.setDocName (docName);
     QPrintDialog dialog(&printer);
     if ( dialog.exec&#40;&#41; )  {
                QPainter painter(&printer);
                printerWidth = printer.pageRect().width();
                printerHeight = printer.pageRect().height();
                xscale = printerWidth/(widgetWidth);
                yscale = printerHeight/(widgetHeight);
                scale = qMin(xscale, yscale);
                painter.scale(scale, scale);
                qteTestPrintRequest ->render(&painter);


    The qDebug() output for the scaling is as follows:

    printerWidth = 4908.0
    printerHeight = 6408.0
    widgetWidth = 1050.0
    widgetHeight = 1750.0
    xscale = 4.674
    yscale = 3.662
    scale = 3.662

    As a matter of interest the output on one of the working printers is

    printerWidth = 4760.0
    printerHeight = 6814.0
    widgetWidth = 1050.0
    widgetHeight = 1750.0
    xscale = 4.533
    yscale = 3.894
    scale = 3.894

  • Do you get an error message with the crash?

  • The error was reported by a tester. I have queried him for further error message details, if any. Thankyou for your response.

  • No error message was displayed. The application simply freezes and then the user has to use Ctrl-Alt-Delete to continue using their PC.

  • I don't want to duplicate effort. My great thanks to all who have helped so far.

    "I hope that this is helpful to all concerned but this thread is being discussed in more detail on this link.":

  • "I do need to rsolve this ASAP and would be willing to pay for a solution/resolution.":

    The code above seems to work perfectly with all other configurations of Printer & PC tested. The problem seems to be that my simple test printout is generating a huge print document approximately a factor of 4000 times bigger (e.g. 213MB for a single A4 sheet) when sent to the specific printer involved:

    Xerox Work Centre 7428 PS

    The only potential leads I have are that it may be due to

    1. A specific printer driver issue

    2. QPrinter printer(QPrinter::HighResolution);
      A guess.

    3. qteTestPrintRequest->render(&painter);
      Using render with a QTextEdit widget instead of using qteTestPrintRequest ->print(&printer);

    4. Some other unidentified issue with the code posted above?

  • I can see now in hindsight that my URGENT capitals may have come across in the wrong way. I was not intending to shout about anything other than my offer of payment. It was not in any way impatience. I can see that it seems out of context without the preceding posts on the linked to forum.

    I apologise for the confusion and potential offence that my clumsy post may have caused (Embarrassed smiley!)

  • Hi Mannion,

    If you want to change the capitals you can go to that topic and use the edit link.

  • Handy hint. Thankyou.

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