When play a soundeffect slows down the timer

  • Hello,

    My problem is this, I have a timer that moves 10 elements in the screen, when I click/touch this elements, it will reproduce a soundeffect, a little explosion, ok, but when the sound starts the timer that moves the elements slow down, go much slower, the elements freeze a few time in the screen,
    Why does this happen? someone know how to resolve this?

    pd: I use qml in main screen and qtmultimediakit for the audio, the audio files are very little (700 bytes) when I execute an audio (the music) when this sound stops happend the same problem (platform symbian)

  • ok, one solution that I found is put the audio files with the less size as posible, ~300 bytes, with this, the lag in the timer is very small, but the quality is poor,

    someone knows other solution?

    thanks for all!!

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