Regarding Registering QT dll using regsvr32

  • Hi All

    I have created a ActiveQt Server Project.
    It generates .dll as output file when i try to register this dll using regsvr32 on same PC in which the project
    is created it gets registered.

    Note:Project is created in VS2010

    This machine have following things installed in it
    2.)VS 2010
    3.)VS 2008
    4.) VS 2005
    5)Windows7 OS

    But the same dll if i try to register on some other PC it is not registering.
    When i opened this dll in depedency walker it is showing dependency of IESHIMS.dll & IEFRAME.dll

    This machine has following things installed in it
    1.)Windows7 OS
    2.)QT 4.7.4

    Please help.

  • You might want to google for these libs. They are part of Internet Explorer.
    Probably you have IE not installed on the second machine.

  • Hi,

    I've seen this problem myself in the past and the missing IESHIMS and IEFRAME dlls was a red-herring and had nothing to do with the issue. If you copy those files across, you'll likely just find other missing dlls that it will complain about.

    Instead the problem was actually one of our own dlls that was missing.

    Hope that helps.

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