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QML Video element acting weird on C7

  • Hello

    I'm trying to play a video using QML Video element and i noticed the weird behavour while testing on real device C7 (though it's working as expected in simulator). When I loads the page with Video element, for about a second I can see the undelying application screen (e.g. CODA's)! Moreover, it also happens when i'm changing the orientation or when destroying the page.

    I was trying many different approaches to prevent this, e.g. dynamically create the element or hiding it while the video is loading - nothing really works. Drawing my own background under he Video doesn't help either.

    My last try was setting to true Qt::WA_OpaquePaintEvent attribute of QmlApplicationViewer.


    It runs as expected on simulator, but, when i'm testing it on the device, it shows no video at all, though the sound track is playing normally.

    Again, everything works great on simulator but not on the device!


  • damn , absolutely true ...and also there is a full screen flickering that makes using Video very ugly...can not implement a decent UX using video right now

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