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Is there a new feature for substitution in tagging?

  • I have tried to add a tag "vsaddin" today. But it was not accepted. However, there was another a bit bulkier tag already in the list. Something "qt visual studio add-in". I certainly did not introduce such a text, when typing the first time. Lateron I have tried to introduce vsaddin in addition, but it was not accepted at all. Also searching the tags with vsaddin did not provide results anymore. However, I am quite sure that it had been a tag in the past.

  • Ok, I can answer myself. Yes, there is a substitution in place. ;-)

  • There are so called tag aliases. For example, if you enter "4.8.0" it is automatically changed to "qt 4.8.0".

  • It is a bit confusing. It does suggest something like "vsaddin", but replaces it when introducing.

    However, if it is already available it would be nice to have it on the tags page as well.

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