[Solved] TextInput: font color change when text changes

  • Hello.

    There is nothing like @onChange@ for the @TextInput@ but only @onDisplayDataChanged@ what didn't work for me.

    @ TextInput { id: text_input1
    width: 80
    height: 20
    text: qsTr("234234")
    font.pixelSize: 12
    inputMethodHints: Qt.ImhFormattedNumbersOnly
    on???: {
    text_input1.color = "#333333"

    And how can I set the same effect for different events, I want to call the same function when on?1 or on?2 or on?3 is called.

    something like
    on?1,on?2,...,.., : {
    text_input1.color = "#333333"

    but didnt work

    Thank you ;)

  • For every property in QML there is signal on<PropertyName>Changed. So you need onTextChanged.

    For your second question: No. You should write signal handling one by one.

  • Ok, thank you ;)

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