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Qt necessitas and LZMA

  • Hey. I'm trying to work with people in need compression in qtsdk for windows and linux is easy, but I'm having trouble finding the same lib for android. I know I should compile the lib eg xz-embedded for "arm" for x86 and x64 already exist. dll and. so but honestly I'm not doing well or know where to start, do not know how to add parameters to try compile.

    Well, need not be LZMA compression but at least better than I could put to work and that is the qCompress qUncompress.

    With qcompress tivess success but compression is not up to snuff, a file was 2.5 MB to 800 KB but I need to make it reach ~ 500KB 600 KB which is exactly what I can generate a. Zip or 7z.

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