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Silly question - how to permahide snippets of code?

  • So, I love the ability to collapse and open braces in my code. My question is, is there any way to 'save' the position of these braces within Qt Creator so that they will always be hidden? I have functions and methods I know work fine, but I'm not ready to move them out to seperate libraries or anything, so I'd like them to remain collapsed until I need them or need to check something.


  • Unfortunately no.

  • Darn, really? I guess I'm going to have to work on splitting things up then.

  • You can also leave QtCreator open and everything will stay as it is ( put your computer in hibernation instead of shutting it down for exapmle).

  • Except for my compulsive need to close everything down when I'm done working, and to not have windows open if I'm not using them. Oh well. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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