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[Moved] Mosaic Qt Developers Suite 1.1 and Mosaic Android Developers Suite 1.0 coming soon!

  • I wanted to give you a follow up on how we are doing here at Mosaic Software and find out if there was anything we could for you.We are actively developing 1.1 which will be released the end of March 2012 that will have;

    1. QML plugins for all widgets (this makes them touch screen enabled)

    2. Enabling charts to be able to export to reports as .jpeg/.pdf/excel

    3. Line charts with time on the X axis and data on the Y axis

    4. 3d imagine rendering for the 3d widget

    5. Scatter plot and line chart for 3D/2D widgets

    We are also getting ready to release our Developer Suite 1.1 that will be for the Android operating system. This is all written in Qt that is ported with Necessitas to work right out of the box with all the above mentioned items. We will be offering a LGPL and Commercial version for the Android Developers Suite!

    goto: to get more info or and also stop by the Mosaic wiki,

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