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QPaint and QBitmap

  • Hi all,

    I have an application where i have to implement a list of Objects but the list is very long and i have to implement a Cinetic scroll. I saw the Flicker sample about the cinetic scroll but in this sample the list's elements were Painted with QPaint class.

    i have to insert some images in my list's row. is there a methot to paint the Image?--


  • I don't understand the question. Note that there is no QPaint class, though there is a [[doc:QPainter]] class. Could you perhaps provide a sketch of what you are after?

  • Sorry.... I have seen only now...

    Qpainter class.... in short I have to paint an immage... whit painter

  • QPainter::drawImage is not what you are after then?

  • I have found now method!! i try to test it and post ^^ tnx :)

  • I have try to paint immage but without result.

    I have the immage inside the Resources in my Qt-Project and i try this code:

    @ QImage *classifica = new QImage(QSize(35,29),QImage::Format_RGB32) ;
    QString fileName = QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(this, ":/new/lista/Grafiche/LegendBig/forchetta.png");
    p.drawImage(QPoint(180,y+71) ,*classifica);@

    but return this error:

    @Thread has crashed: Thread 0x595 has panicked. Category: WSERV; Reason: 10
    Thread has crashed: Thread 0x596 has panicked. Category: WSERV; Reason: 10@

  • ok I have modify and now work :

    @ QImage *classifica = new QImage(QSize(35,29),QImage::Format_ARGB32_Premultiplied) ;
    QString fileName(":/new/lista/Grafiche/LegendBig/gamberi_3.png");
    p.drawImage(QPoint(215,y+62) ,*classifica);@

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