QDeclarativeItem's window handle - for allowing external renderer to put a video frame

  • We are developing an with videocalls built-in (SkypeKit based if you wonder). We would love to do UI in QML and planning to have some sort of MyVideo QML element for displaying video + some QML Rectangles/buttons/whatever to show on top.

    The current issue is that SkypeKit's renderer needs a window handle for X11 painting to happen (I think OpenGL rendering is also possible, but we didn't investigate it as far).

    Getting a window handle for the external renderer
    Is it possible to get a window handle for a given QDeclarativeItem so that external renderer could paint to it whenever it wants?
    So I get it correctly that as long as we are going via XWindow protocol, QML engine will still be able to paint buttons/rectangles/whatever on top of MyVideo even if renderer paints the video whenever it wants?

    The target for OS is going to be Linux, so we are fine if the solution happens to work on systems with X11 only

  • Hi,
    I need to display skype video in the qt window. Is that above discussed project ready? . If it is ready let me know, I need to use

    Ravikumar kotta

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