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How to compile WINCE Version For AMRv4?

  • Portable Devices in my company is Honeywell Dophin 6100, which is running Windows CE 5.0. After many of test, I found When I compile Any Program which arch is set to ARMv4I cann't be run at it.But when I compile the MFC Program which platform is target to Pocket PC 2003,which arch is ARMv4, It can be run at the devices.

      So, *My Question is how to compile QT for the platform Pocket PC 2003(Which is come with Visual Studio 2008), with arch is set to ARMv4, not ARMv4I. I have read every mkspecs,But I found none of it is suiteable for ARMv4.*

  • Hi,

    You will need to create your own mkspec. This is quite easy, simply copy an existing wince5 armv4i and then change the qmake.conf file to include the correct definitions. If you already have some VS2008 applications for armv4 you should be able to copy most of these from there.

    Once you've done this follow the instructions in the Qt manual for doing a shadow build for WinCE and you should have a Qt version for your device.

    Before you try running anything on the device I would suggest a search about Qt libraries and memory space on WinCE5 as you can easily run out of memory on CE5 using the large Qt Dlls.

    Hope this helps,

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