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Spanish Language Translation of Getting Started Articles

  • Hi everyone,

    The spanish language speakers community site ""Zona Qt":" is working in some translations projects of Qt learning material including the getting started articles of the recent convocatory posted by Alexandra, and it seems we're doing well, we can consider as finished the qt article and we are about the half of the qml one :D.

    Today "arkan1313":, a Zona Qt member, noted that there are some other translations of the getting started articles, so we started this discussion with the intention of plan a merge of the articles, because we think that we can achieve better results with more people working on the same version of the article rather than everyone working on his own version, and because that's what the Alexandra's post says :P, but in case that we think that even a more specific translation is needed, let's ask to the admins what they think.

    Furthermore we want to invite the people that is not part of our little community to collaborate with us in some other projects like the translation of some other tutorials, the Qt Learning material, a Qt Book and, after talking with the Qt people, some other important projects like Qt Creator or Qt Quaterly.


  • Miguel, it would be great if we can combine our translations into just one Spanish article.
    I'm not sure what will be the best way to do that, on one hand we can finish our individual translations completely and the try to merge them. Or we can divide the article from start and everyone will work just on one part of the article.
    I guess I already done 1/3 of the article, so let me know what you think just to see if I continue with the whole article or wait till we divide it.
    Thank you for the contact!

  • Hi Pablo,

    Thanks to you for answering, I think that is better to split the work and then make reviews and corrections individually. I think that in this way we can get a good quality of the translation with a fair amount of work.

    This is what we have done of the translations, it's a little more than the half:

    Other members wich are helping with the translation are "Kiko007": and "victor_":

    Also, I had a problem with the wiki page of the article translation (that's why there are two parts of the article), wich I see that also happened in your article. I open "a discussion for this":, and the admins are already looking for the problem.

  • I have no trouble to unify "gettingstartedSpanish": and "GettingStartedQt_Spanish": into one article, but I have already sent the translation link Alexandra, so "gettingstartedSpanish": should not be deleted.

    Luis Iván

  • Miguel,

    1. please let me know what part you want me to work with. I guess that what I already did so far overlaps what you already did :-(

    2. I had the same issue, the blank preview yesterday. Interesting to know that's a bug of the wiki software...

    3. To Luis Ivan, I'm not sure your page should stay if we finally merge our work, quoting from the Babel Fishes post: "It is totally fine and possible to cooperate, you will still get your t-shirt and points and will enter the raffle individually." so I guess that we need to tell Alexandria all the author that worked in the final page (and that's easy to see too looking at the page history).

  • Ok, I can simply put a link to "GettingStartedQt_Spanish": in "gettingstartedSpanish":
    Then, if you want, we can start the merge of the two articles.

  • @pablojr:
    The bug is fixed now, and I have translated a little more than the half of the article, the full text is in "GettingStartedQML_Spanish":
    I can't continue with the translation until the weekend so you can finish the translation or start some revisions meanwhile if you want.

    The article that we "keep" (I think we can't delete articles) is not very important because there will be revisions of the title and probably it will change.
    Both articles are complete and probably they just need some revisions so the merge should be a little effort. The "GettingStartedQt_Spanish": article should already have little errors or typos because some people have already reviewed it.

    Also I think we should adjust our work to some official translation guide.
    Some of them are listed in de referencia
    If you know some other guide or if some Qt member has a guide specific for Qt, or something used in previous translations, please tell us.

  • [quote author="pablojr" date="1288122738"]2. I had the same issue, the blank preview yesterday. Interesting to know that's a bug of the wiki software...[/quote]

    Hi, this was fixed yesterday :)

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