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[PyQt] Designer, mutiple main windows, lions, and tigers. Oh, my!

  • Hello PyQt gurus,

    I have a fairly simple question. Using designer I have created a mainwindow with a menu bar plus four additional interactive form windows. I have the slots defined and the classes created to display the form windows.

    I am able to display the main window and interact with the menu but am stumped on how to

    1. save the current display
    2. bring up my data entry form
    3. return back to the saved display once the form has been submitted.

    I have looked at ~20 different examples and none do quite what I am attempting to do. If anyone has advice or a pointer to sample code please let me know.

    I am running Python 2.7, PtQt 4, and Designer 4.8.0.

    Much obliged!


  • As a follow-up. When I call the second main window it causes two windows to be displayed - one over the top of the other. What I want is the content of the new window to appear inside the working area of the main window.

    Should I be using a widget rather than a second main window?

  • After digging around more I suspect I need to set centralwidget to the new window object to keep everything in the same main window context.

    Advice still welcome ;-)

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