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Generate 32/64 bits Executable with VS2005/Qt 4.3.1

  • Hello everyone,
    I've developped my application using Qt 4.3.1 under VS2005. Actuallay I want to have a 32 / 64 bits application to allow my application to run under Windows Vista / 7.
    Can anyone tell me :

    1. It is possible to have a 64 bit exe with this configuration ?
    2. If not, what I must to do to have a 64 bit exe ?
    3. Can I having one executable witch run under 32/64 bits or I must sepaarte them ?
      Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
      Best regards.

  • You can still use the 32 bit executable under windows 7 and vista.

    If you want to produce a 64 bit applications with Qt, you have to create/compile the Qt libs with a 64 bit compiler. However, I think that is not possible with msvc 2005. You would need to have msvc 2008 or better 2010.

    However, there is no need to have 64 bit executables just for running on windows 64 bit versions.

  • Thanks for your quick reply koa.
    I've VS2008 and 2010 installed on my PC.
    Can you tell me how to create/compile the Qt libs with a 64 bit compiler.
    I've this for downloading Qt8 for VS2010 and after that what I must to do ?
    Tanks for your help.
    Best regards.

  • There is "some guidance for compilation available ": . For compiling your own version for 64 bit you need to have the "source in the zip": file on the page you have already referenced. AFAIK is the download exe compiled for 32 bit. So, you need to create the 64 bit version.

  • I've proceeded like it is indicated in the URL's. In fact, I've installed Qt4.8.0 for VS2010.
    But When I try to configure Qt, I've this error : "Too many arguments for open at C:/Qt/4.8.0/bin/syncqt line 876,......"
    Have you an idea about this problem ?
    Best regards.

  • As far as I know comes the VS2010 exe with source to be used during debugging.

    However, you need to download the source in the zip file for the different configuration you have to perform. You cannot use the source as shipped with precomplied libs.

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