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Where to find a very top level description of how to run and manage applications in Qt on embedded Linux

  • Hi,

    First off, i apologise hugely for asking such basic questions. I am in the process of deciding if i should use Qt on an embedded linux device (first attempt will be on a TI OMAP EVM) for developing a UI and also for managing applications that run on the device (and also adding removing applications during run time by over the air (WiFi) software downloads).

    If i may just clarify what i mean by an application (i'm not sure the Qt documentation i've read aligns with this): An application is a program that runs on a device and uses the services of that device.
    So i figure i can use Qt as an application framework, and invoke (or launch) Qt applications from it. Applications examples are; email client, mapping, notebook etc.
    I would envisage one main window which has a list of the applications available (maybe icons like android etc) and then the applications are launched from this main window. If events come in from the system, then the application framework will route the events appropriately, and its possible that this will cause another application to use the screen.

    Im struggling (as a complete newbie) to understand if this means i have to run an application and then run applications from that, or if there is some inbuilt mechanism in the Qt architecture to do this type of application launching.

    So instead of asking a question directly about how to do that, i obviously need to start off from the basics. I've read about the QWSServer and QWSClient architecture and that makes sense.
    However, i can't find information on how to:

    • launch applications or manage them. (who launches/suspends an application?)
    • Deployment models of applications (are they in the same Linux process or thread as the QWSServer?)
    • How to add a application at run time

    Im guessing i have missed a blindingly obvious top level document that explains this sort of basic functionality. It may be that i should invest the time in downloading the SDK and actually try using Qt (apologies again, i dont get much time to do proper work nowadays :( )

    So, if anyone could point me in the direction of the relevant documents, it would be very useful!

    Thanks in advance,


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