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How to set path to Memory card in qt?

  • Hi All,

        I am using latest qt version 4.7,where i developed a application on Audio Recording. I need to set the path to memory card(ie,mass memory),I have seen links based on carbide "link": 

    But could not find any solution for this latest version.

    Can anyone help me out in finding this!!

    This is what i tried this using two methods but i am clueless.... But the audio file gets stored in simulator ,,but not in desired memory card location!!!

    audioSource = new QAudioCaptureSource();
    capture = new QMediaRecorder(audioSource);

        QAudioEncoderSettings audioSettings;

    // QSystemStorageInfo::DriveType drvType = storageInfo->typeForDrive(textValue);

    // FileName path = PathInfo::MemoryCardRootPath();
    // path.Append( PathInfo::SoundsPath() );

         QFile file;


  • what is ur target platform?

  • Target Platform : symbian (qt-quick)
    Device used is : E7,C7

  • well i don't really get what's the problem, but the mass media drive is E:(in case it exists), the phone memory is C:, and the memory card is F: (if there's a mass memory drive else it's E: )

  • Hi,

    I mean, i need to change the path for storing the audio file to phone-memory or memory card.

    When i run it on computer,the audio file is created at simulator. So,When i create a sis file and install it on the mobile,the audio file should be stored in (phone or mass memory). Did u get my point???

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