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Can't Compile Project on Different Computers

  • I created the Transitions example project on my desktop which runs fine. However, when I run it from my laptop, i get a whole bunch of compilation errors. Can I not compile projects on different computers when they are created on a different one?

  • can u tell the error?

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    Which error do you get? What exactly are you doing? Are you working on the command line or in Qt Creator or another IDE? Do you have all the required headers/libraries installed on your laptop?

  • I am using the QT Creator and i followed the documentation to make the Transitions Project to learn. The QT project files are all saved in the My Documents Dropbox so it's shared to my online dropbox account.

    The libraries and headers are all in the Qt project file and both computers are just running the same file.

    I tried opening it with my laptop and running it but get all these errors:

    I don't get it, OpenCV and Nokia QT are installed in the same directories on both computers and running the project files from literally the same spot (in my dropbox), but the desktop can run it while the laptop gets these errors.

    I also get the same errors when I download other people's sample projects and try to run it and it would tell me the same thing.

  • I deleted the folder that gets created upon compilation and the .user file that comes with the project file:

    After deleting these two items, I can open and run it on both computers. Which is odd, because "Transitions-build-desktop-Qt_4_8_0_for_Desktop_-_MinGW__Qt_SDK__Debug" folder and .user files get recreated each time the project is ran on either computers now anyways and it no longer prevents me from running the project on multiple computers...

    Any ideas as to what was wrong?

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    First thing: .user files can not be shared between computers.

    Second thing: If you share the build directory then you have to make sure you have the exact same compiler versions, libraries, etc. Plus everything has to be in exactly the same place. So I would strongly recommend against sharing build directories.

    Sharing sources between computers, that is what version control systems are for! Please consider using one of the many version control systems supported by Qt Creator in favor of dropbox. I promise that once you get over the initial hurdles of setting them up (check out git, mercurial and bazaar, they do not need a dedicated server), you will not want to work without one again.

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