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Cant load debugger helper, Windows 7, 64-bit MinGW

  • I compiled Qt 4.8.0 with minGW64_20111101_sezero.
    I compiled QtCreator 2.4.1 with minGW64_20111101_sezero.
    I copied the 64 bit mingGW64 gdb.exe file to QTCREATOR_PATH/pythondgb/gdb-i686-pc-mingw32.exe
    I copied the 64 bit minGW64 libexpat-1.dll and libiconv-2.dll to QTCREATOR_PATH/pythondgb/
    I installed 64-bit python and copied python27.dll to QTCREATOR_PATH/pythondgb/

    but when I turn on debug helper, QtCreator says: "Debugging Helper Missing. The debugger could not load the debugging helper library". In the details section of the error dialog, it says "The debugging helper library was not found at C:/Qt/4.8.0_64/qtc-debugging-helper/, C:/Qt/qt-creator-2.4.1_64mingw/qtc-debugging-helper/186767316/,C:\Users\David\AppData\Local\Nokia\QtCreator\qtc-debugging-helper/186767316/ .

    What is this qtc-debugging-helper/186767316 path and what goes into it? Standard 32bit SDK install does not have any paths like this.

    What can I do to make qtcreator find the debugging helper?

    thanks for your help

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    Which version of gdb is this? In general you should not need debugging helpers anymore, provided you have a new enough version of gdb with python support.

  • the GBD is 7.3.50-2011

    its the one that comes with the minGW64.

    Unfortunately, I can't see QString values in the debugger.

  • me too cant see values

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