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Qt mobility multimedia (qml) and Windows

  • Hi,

    I need to play video in my qml desktop windows application : If I use directshow backend : it can't play any file using Windows Seven directshow filter. I have also tried with mainconcept directshow filter : don't works (setDoUrl error). it only works with coreavc decoder !
    I have tried with Qt wmf backend : (to compile I need to add at first in path windows SDK 7.1, else the backend is not compilated)...

    • It works some times (some times with the same movie ... I see nothing)
    • seek don't works
    • But most important : when the item is deleted it takes about 4 to 5 seconds blocking the application before stopping the movie !

    Is someone has succeeded to have a movie playing fine in Windows Seven without coreAvc decoder ?

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