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[resolved] moved source from Mac to PC, now getting debug error

  • I just moved a stable source base from the Mac to a PC. It claims to build correctly, but I'm having two issues, which may or may not be related:

    I've configured for both a debug and release version. In both directories, though, it has subdirectories called "debug" and "release"...this didn't happen on the Mac, and it's making me think I did something wrong.

    When I try to start the debugger, I get the following error (many times):

    bq. (Internal error: pc 0x44 in read in psymtab, but not in symtab.)

    So...what did I do wrong?

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    Ad. 1. The debug and release thing is standard on Windows. There are many topics about it on this forum, and I think the case is mentioned in qmake manual. I don't remember if there is any solution.

    Ad. 2. No clue, I'm not using Windows.

  • OK, thanks for letting me know about the first issue.

    I'm reinstalling Virtual Studio and doing some other maintenance on this piece of junk PC I'm stuck with...maybe I can make the second issue go away. I should know within 24 hours, and will report back.

    EDIT: yeah, that made the debug problem go away; seems to be working now.

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