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Using QFileDialog for creating directories instead of files?

  • Hello everyone. I've been using QFileDialog for opening and creating different files.
    However, right now I need to do the following:
    -I need to create a new folder (let's call it "project folder") with some files inside (I already have this working)
    -The user needs to choose the location of where to create that folder (no clue how to do this)

    I need to be able to show a dialog from which the user can choose the location in which my application will then create the project folder I mentioned.

    How can I do this? Should I use getSaveFileName from QFileDialog? If so, which are the parameters I need to send? Or which class can I use?

    A code snippet or a link would really help me out! Thanks!

  • Try using static method of this class named "getExistingDirectory()": . Hope that's what you needed.

    @QString directory = QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory(this, tr("Show me a dir"), QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath());@

  • Yes, that function works perfectly, thanks!

  • There is also a QDir class to handle those things.

  • QDir does not handle the UI side of things. d2uriel's advise is sound though.

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