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Getting titlebar height of a QMdiSubWindow

  • Hi,

    I've got a (custom-developed) Plot object within a QMdiSubWindow. The Plot object is not derived from QWidget. It draws a QFrame, and plots some X/Y data within that.

    Now I want to resize the QMdiSubwindow according to the size of the QFrame, and I do this as follows:
    QRect rf = mFrame->frameRect();
    myMdiSubWindow->resize(rf.width(), rf.height());
    However, now the QMdiSubWindow is too small and it's obvious that I should add the MdiSubWindow its titlebar height.

    From which property can I get the titlebar height of an MdiSubWindow?

  • Found it... for the interested:

    QStyle * wStyle = myMdiSubWindow->style();
    QStyleOptionTitleBar so;
    so.titleBarState = 1; // kThemeStateActive
    so.titleBarFlags = Qt::Window;
    int titleBarHeight = wStyle->pixelMetric(QStyle::PM_TitleBarHeight, &so, this);

    Continuing my search on how to find the thickness of the QMdiSubWindow decoration...

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