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How to include the Qpropertyanimation in my .pro file

  • Hi to all,

          i am using qpropertyanimation and qparallelanimationgroup in project. i want to cross compile my project. while cross compiling am getting the following error 

    @ mainwindow.cpp:11:35: error: QParallelAnimationGroup: No such file or directory
    | mainwindow.cpp:12:30: error: QPropertyAnimation: No such file or directory

    pls note that am getting this error while cross compiling only. it is running in my pc

  • please check this:

    QT += sql gui core

    like this there must be a property called animation, if its not then we will search for another solution...

  • as u said i tried that but i did not get any property for that. can you tell me the exact property

  • Moderators

    You are building your cross-compiled version against Qt >= 4.6?

  • yes miong u r right. I am using qt 4.7

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