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Fwd: Introducing qbs

  • On the Qt Labs blogs, a new build system for the Qt ecosystem was introduced today. Have a look at "Introducing qbs": to read the details. From a short glance, it looks promising to me.

  • Let's put it this way: qmake deserves to retire, really. And I seem to remember a discussion months ago to use QML for a build system - now becoming real. Backed with a versatile set of modules this could / might / will be a viable replace for qmake. I'm definitly looking forward to it!

  • Hm... that's nice :) qbs is impressively faster than qmake on the posted test results.

  • Just want to point to this G+ thread that contains a number of controversial arguments. No need repeating everything :-)

  • I think it is certainly an interesting experiment. I'm certainly not the one to start shouting "Just use CMake". CMake is good, but it is not the holy grail. I know that we should be wary of the NIH syndrome, but on the other hand one has to dare to try something new once in awhile in order to make progres. We'll see what will prove the best way for the future; for now qbs is just an experiment, right?

    I like the approach of it being a real build system, not a meta build system that creates make files. I also like the declarative syntax; the match with QML is obvious.

  • Its always pain to add/remove/manage libs on windows.

    Did you think about managing dependencies to external third party libraries?

    What I'm thinking about is a central lib repository like maven and an equivalent dependency management. That is easy!

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