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Reading MediaDataStream by HTTP

  • My task is to develop a program with qt3 C++ which can do a http-request on url like "http://blabla.bla/smth.cgi?param1=value1&param2=value2..."

    After this, server gives me a real-time video stream from remote IP-camera.

    I make http-request using QHttp class. (QHttp::get())

    But how can parse bytes from QByteArray in real time. I must get this bytes and convert to video an show it in program.

    Help me please with this question.

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    This isn't a real simple problem to solve. It's compounded by Qt3. Is there a specific reason that you have to use Qt3?

  • Yes, my program wil be one of the sub system of huge software product, which developing was started long time earlier when Qt 3 was the latest version. And now it is impossible to re-develop this project to newer version of Qt.

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