QSound -- is it possible to set the output to play on either the left or right channel on playback?

  • Hello everyone,

    We have an application that we are porting from OpenAL on Linux and there is a requirement that
    we can send the sound output to either the left or right channel depending on certain parameters.

    I have been looking over the doc for the QSound and QAudioFormat etc... classes and while I can see
    that you can set the channel number to 1, I do not see where you can set the output to play on the
    channel that I would like it to play on.

    Is there a option or setting that will allow me to do this?



  • Hi,

    I suggest you use Phonon instead of QSound. From what I understand, QSound is quite primitive, but Phonon is much more flexible and I would expect it to allow you to select channels

    Do a search for Phonon in Qt Assistant.

    Hope that helps,
    Simon ;O)

  • OK thanks I will take a look at that and see whats available in those classes


  • Just to let everyone know, yes you can specify this within the Phonon effects classes...



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