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Installing both SDKs 1.2 and 1.1.2 into same account

  • Hi.

    On page I saw the following note:

    bq. Please be aware that if you want to use the Qt SDK 1.1.2 and Qt SDK 1.2 on the same computer, you should install them into separate user accounts.

    Do it really mean separate accounts? By installing SDKs in separate directories wouldn't work?


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    The problem is that the SDKs both store their settings into the same place, so you will hose them by going back and forth between different versions.

    At least for Qt Creator you can pass -settingspath /some/path (available starting with version 2.4 IIRC) to move the settings to a non-default place. I am not sure about the other parts of the SDK though.

  • Hi, Tobias.

    Thanks for you answer.

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