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What is proper way to perform an access point migration?

  • Hi all,

    I am developing an application which downloads some file on my mobile. I am at the point where i want to prevent automatic migration to a new access point while i am downloading this file but migrate immediately when the download finishes.

    Application is using Internet service access point which has WLAN on priority 1 and 3g on priority 2.

    To do this i have a QNetworkSession object created over Internet service access point and i am listening to preferredConfigurationChanged signal.

    If the preferredConfigurationChanged signal comes when i am downloading the file i have two options here:

    1. i call migrate, but don't call accept (q: what if while app is in this state the phone goes out of range with WLAN again. Makes no sense in this case to do accept because the access point i am migrating to is not available anymore. I noticed that calling accept will disconnect my current connection even though no better one is available (very bad) ).
    2. i call ignore (q: how can i restart the migration process when download is finished?)

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