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A question about the auto compleation of Qt creator

  • Hello all,

    I set the shortcut key for auto completion of code in Qt creater with double 'tab' key. But I can not choose the auto complete suggestion with 'tab' key. Can I configure my Qt creator to choose them by 'tab'?



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    Have you tried going to Tools->Options->Environment->Keyboard and setting "Complete this" to "Tab, Tab"? Works for me (using Qt Creator master branch).

    This breaks Tab as a Tab-key though... I prefer the normal Ctrl-Space to that;-)

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I have set complete shortcut key as "Tab, Tab". I can auto complete my code with "tab, tab". My question is how to choose the complete suggestion with a tab key. For example, after I input QMous and press "tab, tab", a list include QMouse, QMouseEvent and others pop up. I can use the up and down key to choose the words. But I prefer use "Tab" to do that. Can I configure creator to do it?

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    I am not aware of an option for that, no.

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