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QtSDK 1.2 and QtWebKit 2.2 not working in qml

  • Hi All,

    I installed QtSDK 1.2 and it includes qtwebkit 2.2.
    So in my qml i like to use qtwebkit 2.2.

    When i tried the demo version, I get the following error.
    C:/QtSDK/Demos/4.7/declarative/webbrowser/webbrowser.qml:43:1: module "QtWebKit" version 2.2 is not installed
    import QtWebKit 2.2

    But import QtWebKit 1.0 works fine.
    but i have a problem with this, when i load a html file with in-page navigation like the below code.
    Its not working !!

    The page is not scrolling to bottom.

    <a name="top" href="#bottom"> go to bottom</a>
    <a name="bottom" href="#top"> go to top</a>

    How to solve the above problem ? any ideas ?

  • is this any solved for this problem?

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