Cross compiling qt3.3.8 for powerpc

  • Hi Everyone,
    I was trying to cross-compile qt-3.3.8 for powerpc. For this I had to do a bit of workaround. Firstly the cross compilers are exported on the shell and I had to create a directory with name linux-powerpc-g++ in mkspecs. I have copied the qmake.conf and qplatforms.h files from linux-g++ directory. I have changed the gcc and g++ compilers with the respective cross-compilers. Now the problem comes into picture when I start building it.

    I give ./configure -xplatform linux-powerpc-g++ -platform linux-g++ -thread -dlopen-opengl -prefix /opt/qt3.3

    as I want it to build in /opt/qt3.3. Now upon giving make, it stops at error in qtdir/bin/uic: command not found.
    There is no uic file present in bin. but when I compile it for host it doesn't give this error and creates the uic file.

    Can anybody please help me to know how this uic file is created in bin.

  • Hi everyone,

    Now the approach I have taken is. I have unpacked the qt package and created a directory qtx86 in it. I executed the configure command as follows fro this directory
    ../configure -thread -prefix dir

    This made me build qt for host x86 machine. Now after this I made the directory linux-powerpc-g++ as written above in the mkspecs directory of package.

    After this I made a directory qtppc in the package directory and executed configure as follows
    ../configure -xplatform linux-powerpc-g++ -platform linux-g++ -thread -dlopen-opengl -prefix dir

    After this I issued make and eventualy got an error of no uic. I copied the uic from bin of qtx86 to bin of qtppc and again started the make process. This helped me cross-compile qt for powerpc. Now the examples are working fine on powerpc but I am not getting fonts. I see square brackets instead.

    Apart from this the qmake genrated in qtppc/bin is not creating the project for powerpc if I give the following command

    XXX/qtppc/bin/qmake -project
    in the application's directory. Please if anyone can help me understand these issues and solve it.

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