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N950 Failed to upload package

  • Hi all,
    I build Harmattan project have some problem.
    I found that the number of the JPG files over 222 deploy the package to device.
    Qt creator show error " Failed to upload package",
    221 Jpg files is no problem.
    I don' t sure Meego if have the file number limit.
    Because I met the similar condition in Symbian.
    But Symbian error happen in that file number over 2000, now only 200 in meego.
    I feel so strange.Any hint?

    @19:11:27: Preparing SFTP connection...
    19:11:27: Starting upload...
    19:11:27: Failed to upload package: Failure
    19:11:27: Deploy step failed.
    Error while building project LocalTravel (target: Harmattan)
    When executing build step 'Deploy Debian package via SFTP upload'@

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    Try a master build: AFAIR Creator up to and including 2.4.1 uploads its data to /tmp which is really tiny on the N9. I assume the same is true for the N950, considering that the software should be similar.

  • Thank you,Tobias .
    Maybe my English is bad, I don't understand what the master build means .
    My QtSDK have upgraded to 1.2 @@

  • oh

    After I read this ,I understand Tobias means ,it seem the /tmp folder limit.

    And I also try this code, but not work o_O
    @ln -s /var/tmp/file.deb /tmp/file.deb@

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