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[Solved]QProcess against Linux

  • -Hi I got a few questions about how to change the settings in my debian dist.

    I'm not sure how to do it but I need to change these settings from my QT program

    change Ntp server-
    change timezone
    change Daylight saving
    change timeformat 24 h 0r 12 h

    And if i want to do this stuff should I use QProcess or system() calls.
    I could get an answer from qprocess but I don't know how to get it from the system call.

    Anyone who could get me a tips about great forums about the linux and the commands

    Yes I could save it to a file but I don't want to do that.

  • I would go for a QProcess that contains the right commands for the deploy environment, so that you application could even switch among different QProcess implementations to get rid of other environments.
    The most complex task is changing the NFS server, that requires to edit a text file. The other tasks are one line commands. It will be interesting to know why you need to do such a job, considering that there are already great tools to manage linux settings. Moreover I suggest to get your feet wet within Linux.

  • Yes thank you for your tips.
    I got some configure commands but if I want to for ex set a new timezone I don't really sure how to do it with the dpkg-reconfigure tzdata.

    My prj is a emmbedded sys where the user should be able to change this settings among some others as systime and date etc etc.

    So I need to get wet with linux but I'm lazy so if someone could show a simple solution I would be happy.

    I learn Linux for the moment but it's a time issue in the sys development too.

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