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Developer in Barcelona

  • Are you the next viking in Barcelona? We are reopening an office in Barcelona and need more good developers for it. Can you handle these requirements?

    • You should be a good developer
    • You should have a masters degree in computer science or something like it
    • You should have at least 5 years commercial experience
    • You must be a nice guy
    • Live in Barcelona already, no relocation will be offered

    This is also the type of colleague you can expect at Viking Software. We hire good people and let them do good work. If this sounds appealing to you, please get in touch with me.

    Viking Software is a company from Denmark with developers from all over Europe. We insist on being a company where our developers have a good life. Our work is mostly Qt based, but we do have a growing set of web people as well. It's all applications development, though. Our work for customers has the goal of being something you can be proud of - this is a difficult goal, but we will keep trying to reach it.

    In the daily work, you will work with customers, say good morning to everyone else online and in the Barcelona office, and just do good development. At least once every year, we bring everyone to the office in Denmark to meet in person and go out for a drink and good food. I will also visit the new office several times each year and just work with you guys there.

    I hope this sounds like a job you would like to have. If it does, please write to me so we can have a chat about it. At the moment we have three developers in Barcelona and would like to have three more.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Bo Thorsen,
    CEO, Viking Software.

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    Happy to hear that your business is flourishing :)

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