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Widgets promoting

  • Hello.

    Could anybody tell me, how does the widget promotion affect the performance? Is it the same as I declare some class and after all use the inheritance from that widget(which one was mentioned in the line above)?

    For instance, I have a QTreeWidget object and the class Test. And I promote it(tree widget) to the class Test. So, will be it the same, as I simply make QTreeWidget the base class of the class Test?

    Thank you beforehand for answers.

  • Moderators

    Your Test class will be used in the code. It has no relation to QTreeWidget in the code, the base widget is used only as a placeholder in designer.

    Try to go for some widget close to the one you implement yourself -- not only wrt. looks, but also with size hints, etc. -- to get the best possible preview results.

  • Thank you for you answer.

    So, as I understood, I'd better re-implement the widget and put in all properties, what I want, than I'd promote it. Am I right?

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