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How threading is implemented in Spectrum Analyser

  • In spectrum analyser example provided by qt, it is being said that the calculatespectrum() which is being called from calculate() in "spectrum analyser" class is done on the separate thread, but what i have observed is that it is running on main thread only.

    current Implimentation is:
    there are two signals in engine

    when readyread is emitted date from audio stream is copied into buffer.

    when notify signal is emitted the data is sent for further processing.


    Because notify signal is generated randomly not all data is being processed atleast 1000 samples are being missed by the time
    notify is emitted

    Desired implimentation:

    To process the whole data without missing any, so.. that needs an alternate signal other than 'notify',

    secondly i want calculate to run on child thread so that i can do simultaneous processing of data,i.e in runtime data is being fetched and processed.

    Thanks in advance.
    it would be really greatfull if some one could pull me out of this...

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