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Live Image with Graphicsview

  • I need to capture a live image with the help of the graphicsview framework. I need to perform certain actions on the love image to for. eg zoom in, scaling of the live image. How can graphics view framework help me?

  • Hi,

    Read up on "Graphics View Framework" in Qt Assistant.
    You should be able to do what you're asking.

    Hope that helps ;O)

  • No that doesn't actually...that is pretty obvious I guess :p, the reason for my post being I don't have much time, anyways thanks for you reply!

  • You mean that you don't have time to study the documentation and samples, so expect us to invest the time to help you out for free? Perhaps you should contact a commercial consultant. He will be able to help you quickly.

  • I am sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone, I did study the documentation as well as the chapter on 2D graphics in the C++ GUI Programming book, went through the examples to see if something is similar to what I am looking for atleast with respect to scaling of live images or the like but still could not get the idea. I do not have much image processing experience and am still in the 'getting comfortable' stage in this field and I am not doing this for any commercial purposes, just want to learn as I want to work in the research area of this field. Anyways thanks for your time, I appreciate it.

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