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Is there a way to regenerate the files in webkit/WebCore/generated?

  • There is a features.pri in qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.0's webkit/Source/WebCore.
    I comment out some features. But got error with generated files
    ../../WebCore/generated/JSHTMLEmbedElement.cpp:304:39: error: 'class WebCore::HTMLEmbedElement' has no member named 'getSVGDocument'

    in the JSHTMLEmbedElement.cpp, the second line wrote
    _ This file has been generated by DO NOT MODIFY!_

    How to regenerated the files in webkit/WebCore/generated?
    Will regenerate solve the error?


  • you can try changing your "Tools/Scripts/build-webkit" parameters. For example i build using the following parameters "--qt --media-stream --release". If i make a change to one of the *.pri files i would add a parameter just to force a clean and rebuild. For example "--qt --media-stream --media-source --release". Since --media-source is enabled by default it doesn't affect my build. When i know my changes are working I'll change my parameters back to what i want them to be.

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