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How to write some text on QWebView

  • Hi,

    I am using QWEBVIEW class to display adobe plugins. I would like to display some text on this QWebview window.
    I tried to use QLabel and making this as a child of QWebView. My text is visible initially but as soon as QWebView starts drawing
    my text is getting overlapped by webview contents. I tried to override paintEvent() as well, but same behavior.

  • I'm not sure if I right, but plugins do they drawing by themself...

  • There are two types of flash plugins.

    1. Windowless
    2. Windowed

    I am able to display my QLabel on windowless kind of plugin , but in case of windowed I am not able to.

    Actually In case of windoless plugin Adobe dll takes the dc of the QWebView but in case of Windowed it takes the HWND of the QWebView. Might be by taking QWebView it is having full control on drwaing.

    Anyways thanks for your guess....
    Any workaround to get rid out of this problem.?????????

  • Some time ago I've had similar problem on Windows Mobile, the only way to get rid of it was just to direct draw on window with 24fps... absolutly not nice... another way was to use DirectX.

    Have you tried QGraphicsWebView?

  • Would you please throw some more light on how to draw using 24fps on QwebView window(I want the same code to run in Linux as well). I have seen the docs for QGraphicsWebview but not getting how it can be helpful in my problem scenario.

  • Start timer for 40ms, in timeout slot get DC from MainWindow, get rect of flash widget and draw what you need... It was working for me under WindowsMobile, should work in Windows to... on linux you can also draw directly in frame buffer...

    Havn't used QGraphicsWebview, but "Graphics" do they drawing in other way as simple QWidgets?! or not... it's just a guess...

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