Problem with moc files on Visual Studio 2010 and Incredibuild

  • Hello there,

    I would like to ask if it's possible to run paralel moc files generating by using Xoreax Incredibuild.

    I have compiled my Qt libraries with switch:


    I also checked that incredibuild prf file:


    is correctly included during qmake process:

    @qmake -tp vc@

    but paralel build still not working (probably because magic "rem IncrediBuild_AllowRemote" isn't included in project build steps). I tried to add this formula by hand to project build steps, but also without success.

    Is there any way how to achieve paralel moc build?

    Thank you for any answer


  • Hi Ludek,

    You are welcome to contact our support at and we will be happy to assist you.

    Kind regards,
    Ben from Xoreax support team

  • Is there anyone else who uses Incredibuild with Qt?

    Support centrum of Xoreax isn't willing to help without purchasing of the next maintenance, but I don't want to pay more money till I am sure that the compilation works. (Really don't understand why they've offered me a help and then send direct request for purchase ;-( )

    I found bugreport "": about two years old with this issue without solution.


  • Hi Ludek,

    As I wrote you through you through our email support, the solution is to add the 'start' directive before each custom step that runs moc.exe, except the last step to run. This will allow running these steps in parallel.

    Additionally, in order to run these steps remotely (for VS2010 builds), a profile xml file should be filled, as described in IncrediBuild user manual.

  • 2

    I already received and also sent an answer to you (or to your colleague) about start directive.

    There is a problem with start directive that have to be added manually to lot of places (before each moc.exe execution) in VS project. The problem is, that VS project is generated automatically by qmake, so this change would be necessary after every qmake execution.

    Regarding to profile.xml file, I already tried it and consult it with support (Mr. Ben Weinstein) without any success. I sent a test Qt project with test profile.xml, log from IB and screenshots, but answer I received was that profile.xml isn't possible to use with moc.exe

    I can forward it all communications between me and Ben if you need it. I already spent lot of hour and wrote tens of emails about this issue with your support. Any help with parallel moc.exe execution will be appreciated.


  • Hey, I know this is an old post but I have some news regarding to it.
    Up until recently, it wasn't possible to build IDL's in parallel. A pre-release version of IncrediBuild now enables parallel build of moc and midl. Contact IncrediBuild support if you want to get a copy of this pre-release version. You can visit this page for further instructions:

    Good luck, Uria


  • This post is deleted!

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