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QML Camera in portrait mode

  • Hi,

    In my application, I need to display Camera element in portrait to take portrait picture; however, seems that camera's viewfinder prefers landscape more which make it look strange. I've tried to rotate the element so that it look OK. But at the end, when image is captured, it's different from what I saw in the viewfinder.

    Is there any way that I can use the Camera element in Portrait mode which will capture picture also in Portrait mode as I see in the viewfinder


  • Anyone can provide any help. Thanks.

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  • Are you talking about Qt3D? If so did you already send this question to the Qt3D mailing list, or on the irc channel?

  • Hi,

    I'm talking about the usage normal QML Camera element for capturing image. Anyway, I've found some (probably working around) ways to make it work. Currently, I've managed to achieve this with either 1) use Camera element in a landscape Page or 2) rotate the viewfinder 90 degree CCW. However, any of these 2 ways will need to use Qt C++ to rotate the captured image later on so that post-processed image looks similar with the one seeing in the view finder.


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