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Setting up cross-compiling Qt environment for Tegra 2 board

  • Hi All

    We are starting some development on Tegra 2 board and I want to run Qt apps on it. The problem is that I am coming from the app and middleware development world and setting up a cross-compiling environment or compiling Qt for a given platform isn't something I know by heart. However, this hardware is quite popular nowadays, so I am sure many people did it already.

    I tried googling around, but failed so far. Could somebody, please, point me to how to get started with cross-compiling for Tegra 2 board?


    If it matters, I'd love to cross-compile from Mac, but if absolutely needed, I can use a Linux machine for it.

    Words scratchbox scare me, but if it is the proper way, I can fight the fear :)

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